Product Feature: ABLOY Locks for Maximum Security

Rhode Island Locksmiths, Northeastern Security, is the exclusive retailer of ABLOY locks. “So what?” you say.


The short answer is that if you need maximum security locks for your business or home, ABLOY locks are hard to beat.  The ABLOY Protec2, one of their newest locks, uses rotating disc cylinder keying systems, instead of springs and pins, like all their locks.  Plus, there is a moving element in the key itself, which must mate with the lock’s cylinder for the lock to be opened.  When the lock is locked, the cylinders will not rotate without this proper element in the key.


What this means is that it is essentially impossible to pick the lock, and equally difficult to create an unauthorized copy of the key. You can’t ask for better security for your business.


ABLOY has a broad range of products to meet various security needs, and Northeastern Security can provide your business with what you need. Some samples of their locks. If your business requires a more elaborate security system, Northeastern Security can supply systems that use a web browser to monitor and control your system.


Whether you require a single secure lock or a multi-user major league security system, Northeastern Security, the only ABLOY retailer in Rhode Island, can meet your security needs.

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