Car Keys and FOBS

We provide keys for all makes and models of cars and trucks. This could be a simple “valet” key, which just starts the ignition. Or it could be a transponder (“smart”) key that allows you to do things remotely, such as lock and unlock doors, or start the engine by pushing a button.

We provide transponder keys and remotes, and we also replace lost car keys. Or maybe you want an extra copy just to be safe? Whatever your needs, we can get you a new key as well as cut and program it according to your vehicle’s requirements. We work on almost all makes and models , including Volvo, BMW, Mercedes – you name it, we do it! Plus, we always keep a wide range of keys in stock at our store, so there’s a good chance that we can take care of this right away – and for a much lower price than you’d get at a dealership.