Motorcycle Locksmiths – now is when you need us

Here at Northeastern Security, we provide a bunch of different locksmith services for motorcyclists. But by far the most common kind of call we get is about a lost key.

Image of motorcycle keys

People who ride motorcycles move around a lot, and they often go to out-of-the-way places, so it’s not surprising that keys sometimes get lost.

When that happens it’s a huge headache, because almost everything on a bike is interconnected. So, when you lose the key to your motorcycle, you not only lose the key you need to start the bike, but you also lose the ability to open the locks for the seat, the fuel tank, the forks, and even the helmet.

A lot of locksmiths don’t even bother with motorcycle keys, because they’re so difficult to make. And the dealers who do make keys typically charge sky-high prices. Plus, a lot of them will try to change out all of your locks, instead of just the ones that really need changing. Call around and check it out for yourself!

We offer high quality, efficient, and very reasonable locksmith services for all different makes and models of motorcycles – below is a partial listing of what we see most:

  • Aprilla
  • BMW
  • Ducati
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Honda
  • Indian
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Triumph
  • Yamaha
  • scooters, ATVs, and mopeds

Obviously, the whole point of having a bike is to be on the road, so when something goes wrong, you’re probably not going to be near any locksmith or dealer. No problem: we are mobile, so you don’t have to come to us – we can come to you.

Not only do we make and program new keys, but we can also make copies, so you’ll have extra keys in the future. In fact, this might be a good time to think about any additional options you’d like to have. We can do all sorts of keys and key systems, including fobs, programmable keys, and smart keys. We have tons of spares and key blanks on hand. But if it turns out that we don’t have what you need, our distributors can get it very quickly.

Naturally, other things can go wrong, besides losing your keys. A lot of times a key will break off or get stuck in the ignition. We have all the tools to deal with this, so we can extract the key without causing damage to the ignition system. While we’re on this topic, a word of advice: don’t put too much weight on your keychain! Especially if the ignition switch is vertical, having too much weight dangling could wear out the keyhole or the other hardware.

Finally, for the reasons mentioned above, it’s important not to make changes in one area without considering the consequences for others. Since your gas cap and ignition typically use the same key, you can’t change the cap (or the fuel tank) without also making a new ignition key. And you might even want to re-key the ignition, to be sure you know who has access to your bike. Still another option would be to replace the ignition entirely, especially if you’re worried that someone might have tampered with it, or if it’s old and starting to wear out.

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