ABLOY High Security Padlock PL362 – Ultimate Protection for Your Valuables

The Ultimate in Security and Durability

  • Superior Strength: The ABLOY PL362 padlock stands out as the market’s strongest padlock, providing unparalleled security.
  • High-Impact Safety: Specially designed for applications needing extreme impact safety like shipping containers and military uses.
  • Robust Build: Features a case-hardened steel body with raised shoulders and a top-loaded cylinder, ensuring the highest level of security and protection.


Advanced Lock Mechanism

  • Innovative Shackle Design: Equipped with a 15 mm diameter, case-hardened boron steel shackle. Its design includes raised shoulders, making it nearly impossible to breach with cutting or prying tools.
  • Shackle Dimensions: Shackle height is 30 mm with a thickness of 15 mm, catering to various security needs.
  • Standards Compliance: Meets the stringent requirements of EN12320 Grade 6 and SSFN014 Grade 5 standards.


Versatile and User-Friendly

  • Flexible Application: Ideal for securing containers, railway wagons, trucks, and heavy sliding doors.
  • Convenient Key Feature: The key is removable in the locked position, and one key fits several lock styles including cylinders and cam locks.
  • Re-keyable: Offers the option to be re-keyed, adding an extra layer of convenience and security.


Manufacturer’s product sheet