Lockout – The Train, The Train

Northeastern Security gets called to solve a car lockout at Quonset Point

A brand-new Ford had been transported by train and was due to be loaded on a ship along with dozens of other vehicles, but the Ford’s keys were nowhere to be found. 

What to do: Call the Auto Locksmith! In this case, they called Northeastern Security, fortunately.

Screen shot 2018 04 02 at 8. 52. 52 pmJoey drove to Quonset, and using one of NES’s diagnostic computers, interfaced with the computer in the Ford, to figure out what key was needed.  (NES can do this with just about any vehicle, by the way.)  Running the car’s VIN on the Ford service website gave Joey the key code.

Diagnostic computer photo copyThe second step was to get the new key fobs. In this case, because the car was a 2017 model, the fobs had to be ordered.  NES has a wide variety of key fobs in stock, but not in this case – the car was too new. And Ford requires that the fob had to be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and also requires that two fobs had to be ordered so that the customer would have a spare.

But it turns out not just anybody can order fobs from Ford: you have to be a registered member of NASTF, the National Automatic Service Task Force.  Northeastern Security is a member, so this lockout rescue could proceed.  (Note to clients: check to see if your locksmith is a member of NASTF.)

With the fobs in hand, Joey first created the emergency key, which is stored inside the fob, and which can be used to open the car doors if the fob ever loses its battery charge for some reason.

Once again inside the new Ford, Joey used the diagnostic computer to “teach” the car to recognize the new key fobs.

Mission accomplished, and the Ford is now being delivered to who knows where in the world.

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