Norwegian Cruise Line® needed a locksmith to open a safe, and they needed one immediately

The Casino is shut down? Oh, no!

As the ship approached Manhattan for a short four-hour layover, officers realized that they could not open their safe. Which meant that the ship’s casino would not be able to operate once they left New York – all the cash was in the safe. The safe had two layers of security – a combination, and a lock/key. Normally, the safe was locked only with the key, because they didn’t know the combination. Unfortunately, someone mistakenly locked the safe with the combination as they approached New York. Oops.


Norwegian Cruise Line called a locksmith before the ship docked and set up an appointment for 7:00 AM the next morning, when the ship was due to dock in Manhattan. Joey, now one of Northeastern Security’s team, was told the night before about the assignment, and he and his partner researched the safe ahead of time. At 7:00 AM, they went through security to get aboard the ship, which included bomb-sniffing dogs, etc.


Joey and his co-worker had a four-hour window to open the safe. They set to work. First, they set up a magnetic drill press; then they drilled a small hole through the hard carbide plate. (They had researched the safe the night before, so they were prepared with a plan and the right tools.) Then they inserted fiber optic equipment through the hole, and while watching the results inside the safe, they manipulated the combination lock until the safe was opened successfully.


The whole process took about three hours, and Joey was happy to get off the ship before it sailed to who-knew-where. He and his colleague returned to the office to wait for the next call for a locksmith. Norwegian Cruise Line was able to open its casino as soon as it left US waters. Happy conclusion for all.


The moral of the story: when you call Northeastern Security, you get a professional with experience, who will prepare for your job with as much care as you could hope for.


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