The Rhode Island State House Safe

In May of 2017, workers at the Rhode Island State House discovered a safe behind a wall, and of course, nobody had the combination.


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Seeing the report in the media, Northeastern Security offered its services.  A week later, the State House called NES and asked them to be at the site that same day, which NES was able to do.

With such a short timeline, Northeastern Security was not able to research the safe, as they usually do, before responding to this kind of call.  So when they got to the State House, it was a bit of a crapshoot as to how precisely to try to open the safe.  Everyone involved was pretty curious: what would the safe contain???

Once on-site, NES technicians used a small drill to open a tiny hole in the front of the safe, and then inserted a fiber-optic camera through the hole into the interior of the safe.  Using the view provided by the camera, they were able to see the combination lock mechanism from inside and could see when turning the dial was working, or not.  It took about two hours of steady work to open the safe.

Statehousesafe opened

Once it was opened, State House personnel discovered: nothing – except a No Smoking sign dated around the 1950s, and another vault door behind the safe’s door.

Behind the second vault door was a cinder block wall.  At one time there had been a secure room back there, but it was demolished years ago and replaced with an office.

With the mystery of the State House safe solved, renovations could be continued.  For Northeastern Security, it was on to the next adventure-ready to solve all your locksmith problems.

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