The Importance of Rekeying Your Locks: When and Why You Should Do It

As homeowners and business owners, ensuring the security of our properties is paramount. One crucial aspect of maintaining security is rekeying locks, yet it is a practice often overlooked or misunderstood. In this guide, we’ll delve into the significance of rekeying locks, exploring when and why you should consider this essential security measure. Understanding Rekeying: […]

OEM Programming Tools for Modern Cars: A Comprehensive Guide for Locksmiths

In the intricate realm of automotive security and access, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) programming tools have become essential instruments for automotive locksmiths. With tools tailored for manufacturers like Ford, BMW, Volvo, and GM, locksmiths can diagnose, reprogram, and optimize modern vehicle key systems. This guide explores the significance of OEM programming tools for locksmiths and […]

Cloud Based Access Control

Here at Northeastern Security Safe & Lock, we are your reliable experts for creating an access control system suited to your specific needs. In particular, we use Prodata Key (PDK) to provide exciting new solutions and to bring true security to your facility. PDK offers a “cloud-based” system. Cloud-based access control means having control of […]

Why Do We Have So Many Key Machines?

You can’t ignore that we have a lot of equipment when you come into our shop – so as you might imagine, we get asked quite a bit why we have so many key replicators? Answer being – so we can offer the right replacement key to our clients, unlike the universal key cutters some […]

How Motorcycle Keys Are Made

In this video, co-owner of NESSL, Cesar creates a key for a 2000 Kawasaki motorcycle. The customer came in after losing his key and left the motorcycle here at our locksmith shop to originate a key for him. There are two ways to make a key when there’s no key present. One way is a […]

How Brass, Copper, and Coatings on Door Hardware Protects Against COVID-19

To put it mildly, a lot of things have changed in the last month or so. We have been altering our lives in ways we never anticipated and have been taking care like never before. Here at Northeastern Security, we pride ourselves on looking innovatively at our client’s security needs, and now in the age […]

Replacement BMW Keys & Transponders

BMW transponder systems break down into 3 distinct systems, each with its own set of variations. The earliest system is EWS, which can be present on vehicles starting from 1995 and going as late as 2005-06 depending on the model. All EWS systems use regular keyed ignitions. If you have a fob or “push-to-start” (PTS) […]

Burglar-Proofing Your Home

In order to deter and/or prevent break-ins, it is important to know what factors a burglar will take into account. Burglars typically scope out a target first by examining doors. Basically, the strength or weakness of any door depends on three factors: the material the door is made of, the location of its hinges, and […]