Access Control

These days, keys are not the only way to allow or deny access to a space. In fact, increasingly, it may not even be the best way. Access control describes all locks and door hardware, as well as the software that allows the customer to ditch the key for something else. In some cases, this might mean a pin code entered on the wall. In other cases, that might mean a proximity fob, or a fingerprint allowing access. Whether it is on one door or many doors, Northeastern Security is here with you to provide you the knowledge and the know how to bring the locks on your home or business out of the past and into the future. We stock a wide variety of electric releases, wireless locks, biometric locks, mechanical and electronic pin codes, and more. We routinely cut frames for electric releases and can custom install maglocks for almost any application. We routinely work with contractors and builders to help install access control related hardware for any application.